Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Novi Setiowati ( 2201409126 ) Group 1

Title : The Three Snakes-Leaves
Publisher : www.halloenglish.web.id
Date published : October 28th, 2009
Date begun : Juli 6th, 2010
Date Finished : July 6th, 2010
Number of paragraphs :8 paragraphs
Level of Difficulty : Difficult enough

What I like most about this story :

I like the young King's faithfullness to his wife so that he wanted to be burried with her when she died. Even, he still saved the dead body of his wife from the snakes which were thought will touch it, although finally he knew that that snake had three leaves which could make his wife live again.

On the other hand, the young King is a kind and brave man. He fought the enemies alone and win. therefore, the King made him as the first in his kingdom and gave his daughter for him to be married. After that, he didn't forget with his father whom was poor.

What I like least about the story :

The unfaithfullness of the young King's wife. She forgot all the young King had done for her. Even, she not onli betrayed him, but also killed him.

In other side, the words which are used in this stories are difficult enough to be understood. I have to read this story more than once to understand the content of this story.

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